Ardovino's Desert Crossing is committed to offering the freshest ingredients, while paying attention to the sustainability of resources in our community. We are proud to support local, family owned farms whenever possible. Many of our suppliers are also vendors at our Farmers' Market and many of our ingredients are grown right on the property. 


Free-range hens.

Our estate-raised eggs are hatched by free-range hens that scratch on all-natural grains. The result is a fresh, flavorful egg that is the cornerstone to our menu selections. 


Fresh produce.

We are fortunate to be able to grow many of the herbs and vegetables we feature in our menu offerings. Those that we can't grow are locally sourced from organic farmers throughout the area.


Hard work.

We know this level of quality requires hard work and we are proud of the tremendous effort all our staff puts forth to achieve the level of quality we aspire to – from the tireless and attentive restaurant service, to chopping the wood we use to cook many of our menu offerings.