Celebrate each other with these Valentine’s Day options…
made with love, just for you.

Featuring live music by Johnny Louis!

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choice of…

scallop soup
coal-roasted scallop, coconut, fennel cream

tomato salad
heirloom tomatoes, estate grown greens and flowers, gremolata, crème fraiche, coriander oil


choice of...

beef-filled pasta
beef rillette and truffle pomme aligot filled pasta, Aglianico wine and juniper sauce, Drambuie gastrique

vegetarian pasta
braised bitter greens and almond cheese filled pasta, Vinho Verde cashew cream, Damiana gastrique


choice of…

black tea pork belly
achiote glaze, lima beans and peas, chimichurri, cognac-peppercorn sauce

pulpo barbacoa
braised octopus, lobster seafood sausage, guanciale, black lentil, mung beans, salsa verde, lobster-shrimp butter

end-of-winter ratatouille
layered confit root vegetables roasted in an open fire, leafy root salad, tomato bordelaise


choice of…

chocolate nougat
Croatian style almond and hazelnut dark chocolate nougat, almond Amaro and Orange liquer macerated berries, grated white chocolate, shaved hazelnuts

strawberries and cream popsicle
white chocolate ganache, dried strawberries, crème fraiche, strawberry fermented sauce