Held year-round - now in our Summer Hours.

Summer Hours (May- Oct)
Sat. 7:30 AM - 12 PM

Winter Hours (Oct- May) 
Sat. 9 AM - 1 PM

For more than 16 years, shoppers in the El Paso area have been able to find an ever-increasing selection of organic and pesticide-free produce, beef, pork, lamb and goat, fresh-baked breads and salsas from our Farmers' Market.  Enjoy a fair trade cup of coffee, and fresh-squeezed juices, along with Brunch in the restaurant.

 Every Saturday since 2001 Farmer's Market at Ardovino's Desert Crossing has provided ultra-fresh produce, honey, and other fresh, small-batch foodstuffs which are the hallmark (and benchmark) of the best farmers markets. High quality farmers markets see themselves not just as a place for farmers to showcase the stunning fruits of their labor and consumers to get the best products, but as a venue for producers and consumers of food to come together, forge relationships, and exchange information. Artists and like-minded vendors are also part of our community.

We welcome well behaved leashed pets. We also have food literacy, cooking demos, kid’s activities and gardening tips.

We offer Double Up Food Bucks for EBT recipients and our Farmer’s also honor Farmer’s Market WIC checks.

Come and join us in community, family and diversity.

Call 575-589-0653 for times, details and directions. 


> Every Week at the Market

Class starts at 9 AM - $10 per person. 
Bring a new friend and receive a complimentary mimosa.  

We make it convenient to dispose of your unwanted electronics. 





You and Your Goods

A Photo Contest during the month of May

Here's how you can play!

Upload a photograph of you or your friends at our Saturday Farmers' Market - with your market products in hand. Flower bouquets getting handed to a friend, baskets of goodies getting stocked with produce, you hugging a farmer are all contest-worthy. Creativity is encouraged and matters more than photo quality. Get silly, get funky and have fun!

Use your smartphone, your DSLR or a 4x5 if you have it! The key is, you and/or another person must be in the picture (read further below) AND you must share your picture on our Farmers Market at Ardovino's Desert Crossing Facebook or Instagram page before the end of the month. 

Pictures will be judged by the number of combined (Facebook & Instagram) likes. Three prizes will be awarded in Farmers' Market dollars - $25, $15 and $10 - on June 2 at 11 a.m. at the Market. Easy money for a click and an upload, don't you think?

Key Rules:

-A minimum of 10 Farmers' Market facebook 'fans' must enter photos for contest to be valid. 

-3 entries per participant maximum.

-Photos must be from Farmers' Market at Ardovino's Desert Crossing only.

-You or a friend must be in the picture, at least partially (ie. a photo of a peach on a table does not count...a photo of a peach being bitten into does; a photo of a bunch of flowers in a vase does not count...a photo of you laying amongst the tuberose and orchids does).

Happy clicking!

Interested in becoming a vendor at our Farmers Market? Visit us at Manage My Market at the link below:


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