Artists are welcome to submit up to six (6) works inspired by, and focusing on, our region’s mountains. 

Submission guideline:

Deadline for submission is August 21. Work can be submitted in person or digitally.

There is a $10 entry fee per piece. Payment must be received by the submission deadline to be eligible. Submissions fee will not be returned. Please mail your check to:

Ardovino's Desert Crossing - COM,
1 Ardovino Drive
Sunland Park, NM 88063

Please enclose a reference note, including your name, title of works submitted and date of submission if submitted digitally or if work was submitted in person on a different date.

If submitting work digitally, send to using the following guidelines:

  • Submit only images of your original artwork. 
  • Size images 300 DPI, 5” x 7”, using rgb color mode
  • Save each image as a jpeg, maximum quality. 
  • Each image needs to be labeled with your name, title, media and dimensions.

If submitting work in person, please bring work to 1 Ardovino Drive, Sunland Park, NM 88063. Submitted artwork must be dropped off with the following information: name, phone number and address of the artist; title of each piece; dimensions (unframed); medium/media used; and sale price. 

Artists selected will be notified by September 1, when further details will be provided.

Work submitted must be created for this year’s Artistic Celebration of Our Mountains show and not shown prior.

Artwork must have a regional mountain theme.

Artists can request to take any or all of their artwork after December 31, 2017. Otherwise, artwork will remain on display until the following show in September 2018. Artists are asked to retrieve their pieces by September

Quesions? Call 575-589-0653